Executive Dashboards: Leading Wisely is the Innovative Dashboard for Healthcare Leaders

Executive Dashboards: Leading Wisely is the Innovative Dashboard for Healthcare Leaders

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Executive Dashboards are tools that help executives summarize complex information and present it an easy to understand way. It’s a very important tool because it helps management make informed decisions in a timely manner and helps them process data into tangible information easily.

Having executive dashboards in hospitals and medical institutions is very important. With hospital management and doctors having to deal with patients and other important delicate situations, interpreting data or logistics shouldn’t be one of the problems the have to deal with. Making this not a problem for hospital leadership to worry about is where Leading Wisely plays a crucial role.

Leading wisely is a new generation executive dashboard and executive decision support system with personalized watch-lists, configurable visualizations and customizable alerts and notifications. Leading wisely gives health executives and leaders the data, assistance, and foresight to deal with both everyday and unexpected challenges. Health Catalyst announced the release of Leading wisely which presents a breakthrough for hospital management, It marks the long-awaited next step in the evolution of executive decision support. Leading wisely is a web solution that is both efficient and time-saving.

Some of the ways Leading Wisely is useful to health executives are:

  1. It combines and analyzes near real-time data from every available IT system and software program the user chooses.
  2. It transforms data, key measures, and goals from multiple business units into fundamental insights.
  3. It enables users to customize information and share this information with others.
  4. Users can set alerts and notifications to stay on top of any changes in their customized dashboard. These alerts prevent users from being blindsided by unexpected changes in information or by anomalies in the data.
  5. Executives and teams are able to plan, prioritize, and improve on existing projects easily and efficiently.
  6. Executives can create alignment among groups, strategize best solutions and communicate decisions more effectively.

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In many organizations, the process of collecting and gathering data, interpreting it, and dispersing this information before decisions can be made is very complex and slows the healthcare process down which leads to inefficiencies. The process is also usually time and resource intensive taking away valuable time from health practitioners who should be concerned with helping patients. Put simply, dealing with logistics is never fun. Leading Wisely Platform takes all these problems away.

Top executives that can benefit from these advantages include but are not limited to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Health Officer (CHO), and even Human resources (HR). Though these Hospital executives have different roles and need different kinds of data to do their job, the Leading Wisely Health Management System can be customized to their various needs.

For example, the CEO might be worried about the hospital’s cash-on-hand or liquidity while the human resource executive is interested in tracking the turnover rate of hospital employees and the CFO is interested in tracking the hospital’s monthly expenses in relation to hospital revenue for the particular month. In the same vein, the Chief Health Officer (CHO) could be interested in tracking blood usage in the hospital to ensure efficient use, allocation to patients and availability.

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With Leading Wisely they can all have the information and data they need effortlessly and directly accessible in almost real time hence aiding speedy efficient decision making. If they were to have the tradition and outdated dashboards, gathering these data will take time, manpower and sometimes can be even frustrating thus hindering executives from making timely useful decisions.

It’s undeniable that Executive Dashboards provide health organizations and practitioners with the appropriate platform to manage data and tools to make their jobs easier and subsequently improve patient care. Executive dashboards can also be used for implementing strategy and that’s why they are also referred to as strategic dashboards. These dashboards consolidate and arrange numbers, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and sometimes performance scorecards on a single screen.